Soundproof Front Doors

The front door speaks of its occupants. In gentle shuts and loud slams, it tells the story of all those that walk over its threshold — whether in stately heels, or lowkey slippers. They are the barrier between the world outside and our private lives within, but, unfortunately, many front doors will unwittingly let in two unwelcome guests: noise and cold. Though that needn’t be the case any more.

Our Soundproof Front Doors

All of our soundproof external doors are all A+ rated for thermal efficiency and can reduce noise intrusion by up to 51dB. And with each product made to order, we can ensure that the door not only suits the aesthetic of your property, but will address your specific noise complaint.

Soundproof front doors all come with the following as standard.


Prevent air gaps through which noise can travel and improve the security of the door.


Both absorb noise pollution and prevent air leakage around the frame of the door.


Specially designed acoustic thresholds ensure that the door will shut tight for years to come.

Acoustic Timber Doors

Our timber doors are heavily insulated in order to prevent both sounds and vibrations passing through the door, as well as to keep the cold air out. With specialised acoustic protection inset within the door itself, our timber doors are comprised of a fibre-plastic composite and outer wood cladding.


Within the structure of the door itself.


A recyclable, VIP construction core.


Choose from opaque, varnished and rustic finishes.

Noise Reductions Of Up To 42dB

Soundproof Glass Doors

Our soundproof glass doors can either come fully or partially glazed, with the option to add glazing bars to suit the look of your home. Equipped with top of the range noise reduction glass, the frames are made of engineered hardwood for increased longevity.


Choose from 43 or 51dB specialist glazing.


Soundproof fanlights for that final artistic flourish.


Retain that traditional look, or update.


Finished in Style

It’s your home, so it should look like yours.


Whether you want a custom RAL paint job, simple stained timber, or a matt finish, all you have to do is let us know.

Glazing Options

You have the choice of obscured glass, toughened glass or safety glass, to put your mind at ease.

Locks and Handles

To complete the look, we offer a range of both traditional and modern locks and handles to suit your style.


Front doors specialists are here o help you understand your options.

How Our Soundproof Front Doors Work

Simply, sound will travel along the path of least resistance. Give it an air gap and it will funnel through it, plug up the air gaps and it will find the easiest material to pass through. We combat this by ensuring that there are no pathways around the door through which noise can propagate, and use acoustically tested materials to stop sound dead.

Acoustic Glazing

Top of the line acoustic glazing is specially designed to prevent noise entering your home. Covered in a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to help dampen the sound, acoustic glazing employs glass of two different thicknesses separated by micro rubber spacers to counter the coincidence frequency.

Multipoint Locking

All of our doors contain a multipoint locking mechanism, which, when engaged, locks the door to the frame at multiple positions. This not only improves the safety and security of the unit, but ensures that the door is locked as tight as possible, preventing any air gaps.

Specialist Installation

Our highly trained installation team use top of the line acoustic sealants and foams to firmly fix the door frame in place and prevent noise flanking.


It’s not just sound that our front doors keep out, but the cold too. Our glazing has an Ug-value of up to 0.6 W/m²K, and timber doors a value of up to 0.7 W/m²K, meaning that all of our soundproof front doors are A+ rated.


Our front doors are comprised of a high performance German acoustic door board inner and timber clad outer for that authentic wood finish.

Our acoustic front doors are bespokely manufactured and are completely customisable to your home. This means that the price of our doors will depend on the finish that you like, the level of noise reduction required and any other elements that you want added.

The prices displayed below do not include VAT and installation costs.

Front Doors:


Traditional Front Door 43dB

Price From:


Other Type of Acoustic Doors:


Soundproof+ 43dB

Price From:


Other Type of Acoustic Doors:


Soundproof Ultra 51dB

Price From:



  1. How do you soundproof a front door?

    Our soundproof front doors tackle noise pollution by absorbing, reflecting and dampening sound waves. This is achieved by focusing on four main problem areas:

    The door – our front doors are comprised of a fibre-plastic composite and outer wood cladding, with specialised acoustic protection inset within the door itself.
    Glazing – we install high performance acoustic glass in any glazed areas around the door.
    Seals – double seals installed around the door dramatically reduce noise intrusion and thermal loss.
    Threshold – treated thresholds ensure that there are no air gaps under the door through which sound can penetrate.

  2. How effective are your soundproof front doors?

    All of our soundproof front doors are all A+ rated for thermal efficiency and can reduce noise intrusion by up to 42dB. And with each product made to order, we can ensure that the door not only suits the aesthetic of your property, but will address your specific noise complaint.

  3. How much does a soundproof front door cost?

    Our timber acoustic front doors start from £4,500.

  4. Are composite doors soundproof?

    Not necessarily. Composite front doors can be made of multiple materials including PVC, timber, plastic and insulation, and in most cases are designed to be energy efficient above anything else.

    Some composite front doors may claim to be soundproof by design, however, if they are not properly installed, any gains in noise reduction will be lost due to air gaps around the door.

    Our front doors are both designed to prevent noise entering your property, and are installed by a highly trained acoustic installation team.

  5. Are there any further benefits to installing a soundproof front door?

    Soundproof front doors will first and foremost reduce noise entering your property, but they will also:

    1. Improve thermal efficiency in your home and reduce your heating bills.
    2. Add value to your property.
    3. Make your home more secure.


All of our soundproof front doors are made to order and, as you know, perfection takes time. Before manufacturing begins, we need to survey your property, which will be scheduled in the first couple of weeks. From the time the order is placed until installation generally takes between 12-14 weeks.


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Following awards in 2020, and 2021, The Soundproof Windows was announced as the ‘Best Acoustic Window & Door Installation Company – London’ at the SME News Awards 2022.