Soundproof Windows for Road Traffic Noise Pollution!


Whether you’re in the heart of the inner city, or on the fringes of England’s motorways, there’s one thing we can all agree upon; the incessant drawl of cars is something we’d rather do without. No matter how convenient it is for your commute.

Because disturbances such as airplanes and road traffic oscillate at different frequencies, which means in order to deal with them effectively, we have to deal with them differently. By focusing on noise complaints by their source rather than providing a panacea, we look to solving your individual issues properly and definitively!

The Source

Depending on the time of day the noise level of road traffic varies, often falling between 45-70+ decibels. This increases for proximity, vehicle type and frequency, but falls just over the level that is seen to be ‘healthy’.

The Problem

Aside from being generally annoying, studies have shown that road traffic noise pollution is responsible for a significant increase in chances of developing cardiovascular disease, hypertension (due to disturbed sleep) and lack of effectiveness at work.

The Solution

Due to variance in intensity and position of the window within the building, we often advise on a range of products for different properties. The following will give you a brief understanding of what we typically suggest for our clients suffering from road traffic noise pollution.

Soundproof Windows

We recommend these windows for those who are experiencing moderate road traffic noise. In high pollution areas, we often suggest these windows for rear facing rooms, or those in which the decibel level is lower.

Noise Reduction:

~38 dB

 Moderate road traffic from motorway:


 Cost From:


Silent Line

For those in high road traffic areas, we suggest these windows for those who are living along main roads, or in the inner city, and for front-facing rooms. Constructed with triple layered hardwood, and specialist noise reduction glass, we cite this as one of the finest stand alone solutions to noise pollution. These windows are especially recommended in bedrooms, where getting a sound night’s sleep is extremely important.

Noise Reduction:

~40 dB


High road traffic, close proximity to street, frequently used living areas and bedrooms.

 Cost From:


 High Performance Secondary Windows

(only available in casement)

We consider this the final solution, for properties in which the occupier is suffering from severe road traffic noise. This would be in the case of rooms or homes at street level on very busy roads, or in close proximity to a motorway. We also suggest the installation of these windows in buildings in which, for a variety of reasons, external windows cannot be replaced.

Noise Reduction:

up to ~80 dB


Severe road traffic noise, roadside buildings, buildings beside motorways.

 Cost From:


Want something to take away?

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We pride ourselves on giving impartial advice on soundproof window products and noise pollution, so whether you want to speak to us about our products, or about the issues you are facing, get in touch.