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We have spent our time investigating the best noise reduction, acoustic glass and timber products available on the commercial market, so that we can provide you, the consumer, the best soundproof glazing products for your home.

Recommended for both their design aesthetic and their ability to deal with noise pollution, these products are simply the best you can get. From high performance soundproof windows and doors to secondary windows and bespoke units, they restore peace and tranquility to your home whilst adding to the value of your property.

Soundproof Sash Windows

We can thank the Georgian era for the fabulously simple design of the sash window, and thank Hugo Carter for combining traditional design with modern technology in their soundproof sash. With reductions of up to 38dB, you can practically mute the drone of planes, trains and automobiles.

Soundproof Casement Windows

There’s an elegance to opening a casement window and letting the sunlight wash in. And there’s something special about shutting your windows and having the noise of the world outside disappearing completely.

Soundproof French Doors

With these robust, highly secure doors, experience the pleasure of opening your property up to your garden in the summertime, and warmth in winter. And then there are the nights of silent, undisturbed sleep…

Silent Line Sash Windows

Boasting noise reduction values of 40dB, these Silent Line sash window are some of the best acoustic windows available on the market. All the while keeping with traditional aesthetic of your property.

Silent Line Casement Windows

Made from beautiful hardwood, these modern frames are designed for heavy to moderate noise disturbances and reinforced for extra security.

Silent Line French Doors

When the sounds of the city get too much, these high security, hardwood French doors will blot out those noises that keep you awake at night and disturbed during the day.

High Performance Secondary Windows (up to 51dB)

When nothing else will do, these super high performance acoustic windows will ensure that those sleep disturbing sounds no longer creep in. By placing a whole secondary window inside of your existing frame, the results are truly astounding.


The biggest contributing factor to reducing noise pollution through your windows, noise reduction glazing (also known as acoustic glass) is a specialised glass system designed to dampen and dissipate noise.


With some of the highest noise reduction coefficients, aluminium windows are on the higher end of the price range, but are unbeatable if you suffer from serious noise pollution.

Want something to take away?

Understand how noise is made, and how our windows work against it.


We marry practical functionality with fine craftsmanship, so that our customers not only reduce their noise disturbances, but do so with a beautiful product that adds to their home, both in terms of value and that ineffable quality of home comfort. If you want to know more about our noise reduction products, or what we do, we’re here for you.