Tired of sleepless nights? We can reduce noise by up to 95%


We install acoustic windows designed specifically to tackle your noise complaint. Whether it’s overhead aircraft, antisocial disturbances or road traffic, we use the science of sound to restore peace and quiet to your home.

Through specialist manufacturing and precision technology, we can reduce noise pollution by up to 95%. By calculating the decibels of the noise disturbances you are experiencing, we create the ultimate solution by manipulating glass thickness, spacing and wooden frame design. All without compromising on beauty.



Understanding Noise Types

Different noise disturbances occur at different decibels, propagating sound waves through the air at a calculable frequency. By understanding these frequencies, we can create solutions to dampen and dissipate the sound.


Our soundproof windows use the natural resonance of noise disturbances against themselves. By using different thicknesses of glass and specialised frame design, our windows disturb the flow of sound, preventing it from entering your home.


By stocking products manufactured with the finest quality hard and softwoods, all of our soundproof windows and doors come with up to 20 years guarantee. Safeguarded against swelling and disease, they’re built just for you.

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We are proud stockists of the finest timber windows around. These top of the line wooden soundproof windows offer the best reductions in sound pollution available, whilst still providing an exemplary design aesthetic. Manufacturing bespoke window frames, tailored to your property, we install in commercial properties, listed buildings and new builds alike.