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Noise Pollution Solutions by Source

Noise manifests in many forms, from aircraft overhead to tube lines below. Then there’s road traffic, passing trains, building sites and those noisy bars that dot the streets. By addressing your noise pollution solutions by the source, our soundproof windows and doors are proven solutions that work specifically for you.

We evaluate the source of your noise pollution and choose a product and frame design that will work best for you. By understanding the frequency at which your disturbances resonate, we can source the right solution. Installing the right products to dampen and dissipate those pesky noises that keep you up and night and disturbed during the day.

Road Traffic

Whether it’s traffic at a standstill or whizzing past your windows at 60 miler per hour, we can all agree that the incessant hum of cars, buses and motorbikes is something we could all do without.

Plane & Aircraft

Living and working beneath a flightpath, you can almost set your watch to the roar of planes overhead. But what if you could shut your windows and never hear a jet plane engine ever again?


From the chugging of mainline trains to the rumbling over the underground, everyone wants to live near a train line, but nobody likes to feel like they live in a waiting room.

Anti-social & Noisy Neighbours

Bars, night clubs, stadiums, high streets. Dealing with the booming of voices, and the pulses of people is one of the most common noise complaints we encounter.


By stocking products manufactured with the finest quality hard and softwoods, all of our soundproof windows and doors come with up to 20 years guarantee. Safeguarded against swelling and disease, they’re built just for you.

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Our soundproof windows use the natural resonance of noise disturbances against themselves. By using different thicknesses of glass and specialised frame design, our windows disturb the flow of sound, preventing it from entering your home.