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Living beneath a flightpath is truly bothersome. Whether it’s keeping you awake at night, or annoying you throughout the day, you could set your watch to the sounds of jet engines blaring overhead – but why would you want to?

That’s why we’ve created this guide to soundproof windows for aircraft and plane noise pollution. To keep those sounds out of your home, reclaiming your peaceful days and silent nights. By focusing on the issue at the source, we look to deal with your individual problem, and find the right solution for you.

The Source

Depending upon your proximity to a flight path, a jet engine can be either an annoying whirr, or an unbearable roar. At one mile high, the sound of the engine reaches 90 decibels, which is considered damaging to your hearing after 8 hours of exposure.

The Problem

Living in too close a proximity to a runway can lead to serious damage to your hearing over the course of even a few hours, let alone a few months. Additionally, excessive exposure to aircraft noise pollution has been proven to cause hypertension and significantly increase your chance of developing cardiovascular diseases, as well as decreased productivity and impaired learning.

The Solution

Due to the fact that each property will experience noise pollution from aircraft to varying degrees, there are a variety of options available to help combat the problem you face individually. Here is our breakdown of the products we stock and who they are best suited to:

Soundproof Windows

These are on the lower end of our soundproof windows, providing a reduction of between 36 and 38 decibels. We recommend these windows to those for whom aircraft noise is an annoyance rather than burden. Typically these are homes between 6-10 miles from a flight path.

Available in sash, casement windows and in French doors.

Noise Reduction:

36-38 dB


Homes within 6-10 miles of flight path. Non-living rooms in homes closer to flight path.

Cost From:


 Silent Line

For those between 2-6 miles of the flightpath, we tend to recommend the Silent Line range. Providing a reduction of up to 40dB, they are constructed of triple layered hardwood and specialist glazing, which has been proven to dramatically reduce aircraft noise in your home. Available in both sash and casement and as french doors, these windows are highly recommended in bedrooms and living areas.

Noise Reduction:

~40 dB


Homes within 2-6 miles of a flightpath, frequently used living areas.

 Cost From:


High Performance Secondary Windows

(only available in casement)

These are high performance windows which are recommended to those who are suffering from severe noise pollution from planes and aircraft. By placing a secondary glazing unit within your existing window frame, you can expect a ‘doubling down’ of noise reduction with values upwards of around 80dB. We recommend the installation of these products in properties which are directly below a flightpath, or in properties in which the existing window frames cannot be replaced.

Noise Reduction:

up to ~80 dB


1-2 miles beneath flightpath, listed buildings.

 Cost From:


Want something to take away?

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We want to help you regain your restful nights and peaceful days, that’s why we offer impartial advice on all of the products we stock, as well as other noise reduction solutions available on the market. So whether you want to talk to us about soundproof windows, or simply complain about planes, let’s talk.