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Whether it’s the sound of noise neighbours, the chatter of a busy high street or the thumping of a local club, anti-social noise complaints are at an all time high. With these specialised noise reduction windows, we make sleepless nights a thing of the past.

Starting at 36dB, and offering up to an 80dB reduction in noise pollution in your home, specialised noise reduction products for anti-social disturbances are designed to tackle the problem at the source. By operating optimally to disrupt and dissipate the sounds of the city, we look to find the solution that works best for you.

The Source

Anti-social noise pollution can mean dogs barking all hours of the day; a local construction site; noisy neighbours and so much more. This means that the decibel level that you encounter will vary throughout the day, and from home to home.

The Problem

Scientific studies have proven that prolonged exposure to noise pollution can significantly increase hypertension, which in turn leads to a dramatic increase in cardiovascular diseases. Sleep deprivation as a consequence of noise disturbances also leads to decreased productivity and a reduction in brain function, leading to ineffectiveness at work and school.

The Solution

The right solution will vary from property to property, location to location. It will depend upon the frequency of the problem, the source of the sound and the position of the room. The following is a general breakdown of the typical solutions we have offered clients in the past based upon their individual issues.

Soundproof Windows

At the lower end of our noise reduction products, these windows offer between a 36-38 dB reduction in noise pollution in your home. In most cases we recommend these products to those who are suffering from moderate noise pollution. Typically this means the general sounds of a high street, or local neighbourhood.

Noise Reduction:

36-38 dB


 General neighbourly noise, dogs barking, high street bustle.

Cost From:


Silent Line

One of the most advanced ‘traditional design’ soundproof windows, the Silent Line product range  is constructed with triple layered hardwood and specialist noise reduction glass. Designed to be the best stand alone soundproof window available to the market, this is generally recommended for those suffering from high anti-social noise pollution, such as those immediately on the highstreet, or in highly populated areas.

Noise Reduction:

~40 dB


Near proximity to bars and clubs, high noise pollution day and night. Properties on high streets.

Cost From:


High Performance Secondary Windows

(only available in casement)

The most advanced solution available on the market, high performance secondary windows work by placing a secondary frame inside of your existing window. This is recommended for properties in which noise pollution is severe, such as those in extremely close proximity to nightclubs and very busy areas. These products are installed in private properties, but are also highly favoured by hotels and other inner city accommodation, in which customer satisfaction is extremely important.

Noise Reduction:

up to ~80 dB


Very close to nightclubs and bars. Very densely populated areas. Hotels and guesthouses.

Cost From:


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Living above a nightclub can be fun when you’re 21, and even then only for a few nights. Likewise, listening to your neighbour’s dog barking at all hours can be incredibly detrimental to your sleep pattern. To find out more about noise reduction products, or to speak to us about other solutions you’ve found on the market, get in touch.