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Who we are – Our Company Ethos

We began with the sole purpose of sourcing the best solutions for those who are plagued by noise pollution. We wanted to find windows that could fit seamlessly into the wonderfully marbled tapestry of English architecture. But at the same time offer modern technology to keep unwanted noise at bay. Combining our collective love of carpentry and engineering, we have travelled far and wide to find you the ideal solution for your budget, your property and your problem.

Why we care – Environmental Approach

Additionally working with thermal insulation, we are all too aware of how much energy we waste. That’s why we are committed to decreasing our own environmental impact. By ensuring that all of our communications are digital, we have cut down on 90% of our paper usage and endeavour to reduce all emissions as best we can.

When sourcing new suppliers, we also seek out businesses that are also doing their part. Whether it’s getting rid of paper, planting a tree for every order or donating to forest conservation, we want to ensure that our products are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.


By stocking products manufactured with the finest quality hard and softwoods, all of our soundproof windows and doors come with up to 20 years guarantee. Safeguarded against swelling and disease, they’re built just for you.

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Through specialist manufacturing and precision technology, we can reduce noise pollution by up to 95%. By installing our hand selected products, we are providing you the best soundproof windows and doors available on the market.
Don’t compromise on design. Don’t compromise on quality.