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Tube Train Noise Reduction

Everyone wants to live near a tube stop, but who wants to hear tube noise when they’re relaxing at home? Disturbing you during the day and keeping you up at night, you needn’t endure the clacking of tracks any longer.

With soundproof windows designed for railway and tube noise pollution, we hope to offer you a solution that is designed to deal precisely with the problem you are facing. The products we stock offer reductions from 36 to 55 decibels, and even up to 80 dB with our high performance secondary windows. Listening to the rumble of trains will be a thing of the past.

The Source

Depending on how close you are to the train line, it can either be an annoying distant rumble, or a deafening screech. To give you an example of the noise level, a tube train travelling at 45mph produces a noise of around 83 dB at 100 feet. That’s not to even take into account the high frequency sounds of train horns and brakes.

With train noise pollution, it must be said that a great deal of the complaints homeowners will have is a consequence of the reverberation through the ground, which will infiltrate the property through the walls and floors. Windows can be improved upon, but thin or poorly constructed structural elements will still let the sound into your home.

The Problem

Aside from tube noise keeping you up at night and rattling your brain throughout the day, excessive exposure to railway noise pollution has been proven to increase your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Amongst other things the noise of trains also contributes to hypertension, poor sleep and diminished productivity.

The Solution

Depending on the structure of your building, how far you are away from the train line and the frequency of trains along the tracks, we will advise different products for different individuals. The following will give you an understanding of the typical noise reduction windows for trains and railway lines that we recommend.

Soundproof Windows

On the lower end of our noise reduction spectrum, soundproof windows are suggested for properties which suffer from infrequent train passings, those over 800 metres away or moderate noise pollution.

Noise Reduction:

36-38 dB

Distance from a railway line:

800 meters

 Cost From:


 Silent Line

We recommend installing Silent Line windows in properties which suffer high noise pollution from trains and railway lines. This generally includes inner city properties and those within 200 metres of the train line. Constructed with triple layered hardwood, and a specialist noise reduction glass, these are the best stand alone glazing units for reducing noise pollution in your property.

Noise Reduction:

~40 dB

 Frequent train passings. Distance from the line:

~200 meters

 Cost From:


High Performance Secondary Windows

(only available in casement)

Secondary window units are installed behind your pre-existing window frames, ‘doubling down’ on noise reduction. This high performance solution is recommended for properties in which noise pollution from trains and railway lines is severe, i.e. very frequent train service or a proximity to train line of <100 metres. These windows are also most popular in commercial buildings and short term rental properties, in which customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Noise Reduction:

up to ~80 dB

Severe noise pollution, frequent trains. Distance from train lines less than:

100 meters

Cost From:


Want something to take away?

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Our mission is to ensure that your home remains peaceful and quiet both day and night. That’s why we offer impartial advice on reducing tube noise pollution. Speak to us about the products we sell, or the other solutions you’ve found and we’ll help you make find the right solution.