Soundproof Bifold Doors

Whether installed in your kitchen extension to let sunlight stream in, or between office spaces to protect privacy, our soundproof bifold doors are simply designed to keep noise out. Available in timber, aluminium and steel, all of our doors are made bespoke, boasting reductions of up to 51dB.

How Our Soundproof Bifold Doors Work

Simply, sound will travel along the path of least resistance. Give it an air gap and it will funnel through it, plug up the air gaps and it will find the easiest material to pass through. We combat this by ensuring that there are no pathways around the door through which noise can propagate, and use acoustically tested materials to stop sound dead.

Acoustic Glazing

Acoustic glazing is covered in a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to dampen sound. Glass of two different thicknesses are combined to counter the coincidence frequency.

Multipoint Locking

A multipoint locking mechanism ensures that the door locks as tight as possible all around the frame, preventing air gaps from forming.

Acoustic Runners

The tracks that the bifold door opens along are acoustically treated to make sure the door shuts flush to the floor and frame.

External Acoustic Bifold Doors

Our external bifold doors are designed to let light in and keep noise out, all while ensuring your property remains secure.


Choose to add toughened or safety glass for that added peace of mind.


Our external bifold doors all come with a multi-point locking system as standard.

Internal Acoustic Bifold Doors

Our soundproof internal bifold doors maximise your existing floor area, creating a dynamic space that works around you.


Acoustic bifold doors are heavy, but can be opened with ease thanks to our frictionless runners.


Acoustically treated, our internal bifold doors protect your privacy and return peace and quiet to your property.


Made to order, our internal bifold doors are completely customisable to complement your interior design.


Want to speak to us about soundproofing your property? We’re here to answer all of your questions.




Recommended For:

Moderate to high noise pollution.

Aluminium, steel & timber.



Recommended For:

High levels of noise pollution.

Aluminium, steel & timber.


50-51dB + 51dB Triple Glazing

Recommended For:

Severe levels of noise.

Only available in timber.

Finished in Style

It’s your home, so it should look like yours.


Whether you want a custom RAL paint job, simple stained timber, or a matt finish, all you have to do is let us know.

Glazing Options

You have the choice of obscured glass, toughened glass or safety glass, to put your mind at ease.

Locks and Handles

To complete the look, we offer a range of both traditional and modern locks and handles to suit your style.


It’s not just sound that our bifold doors keep out, but the cold too. Our glazing has an Ug-value of up to 0.6 W/m²K, and timber doors a value of up to 0.7 W/m²K, meaning that all of our soundproof bifold doors are A+ rated.


All of our soundproof bifold doors are made to order and, as you know, perfection takes time. Before manufacturing begins, we need to survey your property, which will be scheduled in the first couple of weeks. From the time the order is placed until installation generally takes between 10-12 weeks.


  1. How do you soundproof a bifold door?

    We soundproof our bifold doors by focusing in on the following problem areas:

    – The glazing. All of our glazed bifold doors come installed with acoustic glazing, which is designed to dampen noise and work against common noise pollution frequencies.
    – The seals. By using acoustic seals around the frame, we prevent air gaps being created through which noise can sneak in.
    – The runners. Our bifold doors slide along runners that have been acoustically treated to close flush and prevent gaps.
    – The locks. Multi-point locks make sure that the door is shut as tight as possible, creating the ultimate seal around the door frame.
    – The installation. Our experienced installation team ensures that the door and the surrounding structure are acoustically secure.

  2. How long does installation take?

    Installation generally takes 2 days per door, and includes our team removing the previous door.



All of our products come with up to a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee provided by the Consumer Protection Association. So you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.



We have been Trading Standards Approved and are proud to be enrolled on the Buy With Confidence Scheme, ensuring customers just like you have their interests protected.