With some of the highest noise reduction coefficients, aluminium windows are on the higher end of the price range, but are unbeatable if you suffer from serious noise pollution.


Aluminium windows are very light in weight, but are extremely durable and strong, and are capable of supporting far heavier glazing than either uPVC or timber. Where timber can suffer from issues such as swelling of the frame, or uPVC will naturally degrade over time, aluminium is extremely stable, waterproof and resistant to deformation.

Due to the fact that aluminium is both extremely malleable and ductile, it is easily worked with and can be moulded to practically any shape. This means that aluminium windows can be tailored to suit any property or style required, whether replicating traditional windows or more contemporary designs.


When it comes to noise reduction the most important part of the window is the glazing. Simply, using thicker, better designed glass will prevent unwanted sounds getting into your property. However, due to the tensile strengths of both timber and uPVC, there is a limit to the amount of weight that window frames made with these materials can bear.

Aluminium windows, on the other hand, are far sturdier and capable of bearing far greater loads. For this reason they can support thicker glazing units which provide higher noise reduction values between 37 – 53 decibels.

The glazing you will need will depend upon the source and severity of your noise pollution problem.



Due to the versatile nature of aluminium windows, you have the option to install practically any style, shape or size of glazing. Glass from 4mm to 65mm can easily be fitted into aluminium profiles, encompassing a wide range of choices including:

– Acoustic glass

– Safety glass

– Mirrored glass

– Bulletproof glass

– Triple glazing



As with all products, aluminium windows can provide greater or lesser thermal efficiency depending upon your requirements and budget. On a basic level, aluminium is a good conductor of heat, so will naturally channel heat away from your home. However, all aluminium windows are treated with materials such as polyamide insulation in order to improve thermal efficiency.

Similar to the noise reduction coefficients of aluminium windows, a great deal comes down to the glazing. And as before, these frames can support the thickest low-e glazing, providing A+ rated efficiency.

There is also the option to install composite Venetian blinds with no thermal bridging (thermal bridges are created when heat is conducted through materials that are poor insulators), which will further boost energy efficiency.


Aluminium windows are extremely weatherproof, and are often used in large commercial buildings for their ability to withstand extreme winds. Practically all aluminium windows will have a water tightness class of 9A (the highest designation), which means that the windows have been proven to withstand 600 Pa of water pressure for 55 minutes.


Aluminium is practically a lifelong, maintenance-free material. Naturally durable, the metal itself is anodised (a process which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface), to increase resistance to corrosion, wear and UV-resistance.

Therefore the only maintenance required is the occasional cleaning with water, a sponge and a neutral soap.


Aluminium is the most abundant metal on the surface of the planet, constituting around 8% of the total weight of Earth’s crust. Naturally occurring and 100% recyclable, it is widely regarded as ‘the green metal’, and so far more sustainable than its uPVC counterparts.


All of our soundproof windows are made to order and, as you know, perfection takes time. Before manufacturing begins, we need to survey your property, which will be scheduled in the first couple of weeks. From the time the order is placed until installation generally takes between 10-12 weeks.


We want to help you find the right product that suits you, so whether you want to talk to us about our soundproof windows, or simply about noise reduction and double glazing, we’ll be glad to just have a chat.